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Home-Schooled, OISD, Spring Street School, Oasis, OCS and Salmonberry

Choral singing is a team sport—it is impossible for an individual singer to make the sound of a group of voices.  The harmony, the resonance of the collective, cannot be accomplished by the single voice.  In choral singing, as with all team sports, excellence takes on an entirely different meaning—it defines the group, not the individual.

SING with friends! Orcas youth choral groups are open for Fall registration
Know a teen or younger kid who loves to sing? Help us spread the word about this fun and
rewarding opportunity for island youth to discover their voices, hone their singing skills and share
musical harmony with friends. Studies have shown that singing has many powerful effects on the
brain, including improving optimism, resilience and feelings of connection to others.
After a successful debut last year, Orcas Youth Chorus (OYC) and Junior Orcas Youth Chorus (JOY
Chorus) will begin a new Fall session on Sunday, September 10, led by local choral directors with
many years of experience working with fresh, young voices. Youth from all Orcas schools,
including home-schooled students, are welcome.
Let’s get our youth to sing!
Sundays, September 10th to December 10th, in the Orcas High School Music Room.
Orcas Youth Chorus — 6th-12th grade
Sun, 3-4pm
Choral Directors: Pamela Wright and Andy Rivera
Junior Orcas Youth Chorus — 2nd-5th grade
Sun, 2-3pm
Choral director: Bev Leyman and Pamela Wright
$25 fee. Scholarships are available.
Sign up at: orcasparkandrec.org
Sponsored by: Music Advocacy Group and Orcas Choral Society

For more information, contact Tom Baldwin (tbaldwin@ucr.edu).

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